2017 New Products Firearm purchases are for a lifetime, or even generations. So too are GrovTec accessories. Our metal products are the best available, beginning with the finest materials, cut to exacting tolerances and finished for premium quality and durability. Our soft goods are exactly the same. Rugged fabrics are stitched with pride and workmanship. And of course, all of our products are made in the United States, because we're more than a manufacturer, we're a member of the community.
GT™ Ammo Holders by GrovTec Us
Ammo Holders Keep your rifle or shotgun ammunition readily accessible with our GT™ Ammo Holders. Choose from our belt slide, buttstock, belts, or magazine pouch ammo holders. Easy to use and very versatile.
GT™ EZ Clean Gun Cleaning Kits
EZ Clean GT™ EZ Clean gives you an easy way to give your firearm a quick clean up in the field.
GT™ Gunsmith Parts by GrovTec Us
GrovTec Parts All the little odds and ends of needed parts for your swivel installations
GT™ Hammer Extensions by GrovTec Us.
Hammer Extensions 11 different hammer extensions to fit your firearm with an exposed hammer after you mount a scope.
GT™ Holster Systems by GrovTec Us.
Holster Systems GrovTec US, Inc. continues to grow and strengthen consumer pride in premium quality American-Made products with the introduction of GT Hip Holsters, Inside-the-Pant Holsters and Inside-the-Pocket Holsters. Designed, cut, sewn and packaged in our Wood Village, Oregon headquarters, GT Holster Systems are fully-featured and deliver superior fit for the most popular handguns. <a href="/resources/themes/lean/images/holster-fit-chart.pdf" target="_blank" class="description-links">Download Selection Chart</a>
GT™ Gun Sling Systems
Sling Systems We take pride in building the best performing product in a category, and American-Made GT Sling Systems are no exception. Even under the most demanding conditions and rigorous use, their materials and construction will accept every challenge, delivering both exceptional comfort and durability. Having packed firearms over tremendous distances, we’ve simply built the best tools for the job.
GT™ Swivels by GrovTec Us.
Swivels With a GT™ Sling Swivel in hand, you'll immediately recognize its quality. Close tolerance machining assures a snug, solid fit with a minimum of noise. <a href="/resources/themes/lean/images/swivel-selection-guide.pdf">Download Selection Chart</a>
GT™ Tactical Accessories by GrovTec Us
Tactical Accessories At GrovTec US, Inc. we're proud to craft the most ruggedly dependable firearm accessories known to man in our Milwaukie, Oregon headquarters. From humble beginnings we've earned our reputation for uncompromising excellence. Superior design, exacting tolerances, long-wearing durability, those are the standards by which we judge ourselves. Our motivation is simple. America's service men and women, outdoor enthusiasts and members of the law enforcement community deserve tools created by other Americans who share common ideals and the utmost pride of performance.
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