Swivel Sets (With Hardware)

Find the right swivels and hardware for your firearms with our complete prepackaged sets.

Custom Designs for Unique Firearms

When it comes to swivels for firearms, you know there's no such thing as one-size-fits-all. That's why we designed and manufacture swivels for some of the not so common or out of production firearms.

Non-Detachable Swivels

There are times when you just want to go back to the way it was. You can do that now with our GT™ Non-Detachable Swivels. With our non-detachable swivels, you can give your rifle that "Old-school" look of a permanent swivel without ever compromising the strength and integrity needed to carry your classic long gun.

Swivel Sets for Bolt Action Rifles

These swivel sets are for the most common bolt-action rifles using machine screw or wood screw locking swivel studs.

Swivel Sets for Muzzle Loaders

Bring your "front-stuffer" into the 21st century with our GT™ Swivel Sets for Muzzle Loaders.

Swivel Sets for Remington Pump & Semi-Auto

Swivel selections for Remington's popular and venerable line of pump and semi-auto centerfire rifles.

Swivel Sets for Rifles

Premium in fit, finish, and in selection, you'll find our GT™ Swivels the perfect solution for mounting a sling on your firearm.

Swivel Sets for Shotguns

Slings aren't just for rifles anymore. That's why we make sling swivel sets for many of today's popular shotguns. Whether you are hunting turkeys, ducks or deer, you now have the ability to keep your hands free by mounting a sling on your shotgun with one of our variety of shotgun swivels sets.
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